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I Must Turn Down Invitations Now?

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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@Jean S wrote:

I've had a few job invites over the last couple of days and because they are looking for intermediate level and I'm at an expert level I have to turn them down or risk being put back at Intermediate level if I take these jobs.


This seems very unfair. 


As well I used to get invites to Entry Level some times and now I don't even want to reply to those. There is no way I want to risk be judged as Entry Level.


There must be some way around this. Invites are hard to come by and I really hate having to turn them down,.



[edited to replace my misinformation:]


Are you referring to your present, self-assigned level? I take Lena's announcement to mean you will be assigned a new level based on your history:


"For those who have successfully completed 2 jobs posted at a specific level (recall that clients set the desired expertise level when posting their projects), your profile will be set at that level until you have completed two jobs that were posted at a higher skill level. 


"For new freelancers who have not yet completed any jobs on Upwork, we will be basing your initial experience level on the skills and experience you enter in your profile."


What can you do about invitations? Accept the good ones, ditch the bad ones. Don't worry about expertise levels, which under the new dispensation are under neither our control nor Upwork's, but at the initial whim of the client when posting. As others have said, no matter our history (going forward? after the change?

(for all time? Comment, @Upwork?), our damnable expertise level can only go up.