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I Need help landing these jobs

I am a veteran and graphic designer and I did everything possible and the hard work to build my profile but I am having difficulty landing jobs. Why might this be? any advice?

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Hi Michael, from what I can see from your profile I would say:

- Add some projects in your portfolio and remove the link to your website (which is not working btw).

- I would start the description with this paragraph: "I have 4 years of experience in graphic design, photography, producin..." In general the description seems very long, but I'm not an expert.

- Add a mother tongue

- Raise your rate, 16$ is an entry-level rate.

- remove the tests where you scored Below Average

- be patient

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Michael -

Get rid of that first paragraph. I don’t know who others feel about it, but it completely turned me off. And IMO I believe it would do the same if a client was reading it. The first few lines should reflect on your skills Rates should be discussed in your proposal (and not in the beginning) or while discussing the project.

Again, to me, the 2nd paragraph doesn’t spark any interest.

And the last paragraph, instead of listing your experience, perhaps you can change that to what you deliver such as, I interpret a client’s business needs and develop a concept to suit that purpose.

List each point with bullets. That last paragraph is so run on that it makes it hard to read. Also some of the sentences are broken (they do not go to the end of the margins.)


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@Kathy T wrote:

Michael -

Get rid of that first paragraph. I don’t know who others feel about it, but it completely turned me off. And IMO I believe it would do the same if a client was reading it.

 I agree, I felt the same. The same goes for the profile video.

Freelancing is not about you, it is about the client and why hiring you benefits the client.


I'd completely rewrite the overview.

I'd change the profile photo too. Headshot, smiling. No pink tie on bright blue shirt.

Change the "headline" to what you offer. No client would search for your business name.

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Michael -


Imagine you are looking to make an investment in someone to deliver something important for you. You have all kinds of thoughts about the skills and experiences you are looking for and you want to be captured by someone who you feel will get done what you need and is the pro you have been looking for.  You then go to a profile of someone you hope can fit that bill and the very first thing you read is "I charge by the project." So your very first words to a prospective client about why they should hire you is that you "charge by the project".  Does that make you special? Does that make you an expert? Would you want to hire someone who opens with that? 


I don't know how I feel about doing a video. I do think though that there is value for you in doing one and I say that purely from the standpoint of showing your work. Your current video is too long and gets into things that would be wonderful and inspiring when delivered at a photo club meeting, but may be too much for someone selling a professional service. However, again I did like that it showed a lot of your work which is why I am convinced that it still holds value with edits. I'd cut it down to no more than 1 minute that shows the best of your work and perhaps has you narrate professional pertinent details in a cheery enthusiastic way (not over the top but shows some real passion). 


Overall focus 100% on what makes you special and how that will translate into a successful project for the client. If you have any other ancillary details that are not specifically about what you do and how it will be awesome for the client, delete it.


Lastly, that's a massive amount of semicolons. I've never seen so many in one place in my life. I would recommend someone proofread and make edits to your next round.



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