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I accepted a contract yesterday and would like to cancel

I saw a post on this community about a gambling site needing wbsite testers for $1k. I did a lot of research and ended up accepting the contract yesterday despite being cautious. I haven't done any work yet, but I'm concerned it's a scam. Can I get penalized for cancelling the contract if this is my concern?

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Scam. Cancel it and flag it.

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Anytime you have an active contract, the client can leave feedback. 

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Scam. Cancel it and flag it.

Okay thank you. If I flag, can they still leave me a bad review?

Not if Upwork cancels it because they determine it is a scam.

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If there are no earnings associated with a contract, there will be no way for the contract to appear on your profile. No matter what feedback the client leaves, there won't be any listing of the feedback in your job history.

No earnings. I didn't want to accept any payment when I realized that only some transactions would be through Upwork. thanks!

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 I got a similar job offer last week. It seemed legit-ish at first but also really weird, kind of "too good to be true." If you report it as a scam hopefully you won't get penalized. 

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How do guys get these scammy fishy jobs unless you apply!

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