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I am Dead on Upwork

Hello Community,

I've been a web developer on Upwork for the past five years, and during this time, things have generally gone well. However, lately, I've been facing challenges as the platform has become more difficult and expensive for freelancers like me.

Over the years, I've significantly expanded my skill set, but despite that, it has become increasingly hard to secure jobs on Upwork. The main hurdle is the rising cost of connects, where each connect now costs me 7 Indian Rupees. To effectively bid on a job, some require up to 50 connects, making it financially challenging for freelancers like me, especially when compared to agencies with larger budgets.


To give you an idea of the financial strain, applying for just 10 jobs costs me $28 without any boosts. Unfortunately, my bank account is empty, and borrowing money is becoming unsustainable. It's disheartening to be at a point where I have to borrow money just to buy essentials for my family, let alone spend on connects for job applications.

It's crucial to highlight the impact of inflation in my country, which is making it difficult for freelancers like me to sustain ourselves. Clients often seek low-cost labor but fail to acknowledge that even individuals offering affordable services have their own bills and expenses to cover.


I find myself in a difficult situation where I feel compelled to take this as my final interaction on Upwork. Despite being a platform where many can find opportunities, the current financial barriers are making it impossible for me to continue. It's disheartening to realize that being perceived as 'cheap labor' doesn't exempt me from financial responsibilities and challenges.


In essence, I feel as though I've reached an impasse on Upwork, and it's disheartening to see how financial constraints are impacting freelancers like myself.



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Perhaps a at time for developers to develop alternative to an Upwork.  I totally agree and despite chargable commissions out of your pay they get - they want you to pay for the job, that they get the commission at the end.  Ridiculous from A-Z.  Best of luck to you bud, stay positive and keep your eyes opened!  I'm sure there's something is going to turn up.  "Golden Egg making spot is never empty" - Upwork management truly forgets what audience THEY work for.  Unless we do have oligarchs thanks to this platform haha 

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I feel the same. I'm working on Upwork for many years now, earned over $150k. I'm Top Rated Plus with 100% success rate. I never needed to look for work, got many invites. Now I don't get a single invite, the fees and hidden fees of Upwork are getting higher and higher and right now they are not even pay out the funds. It's just not worth it anymore to work on Upwork. Unfortunately, I have some customers here for over two or three years, which I could convert to direct, but then I would have to pay 13% conversion fee of the ANNUAL income which is just ridiculous. No one can afford that. Upwork is not FOR freelancers anymore, it is AGAINST us and only tries to squeeze money out of us where they can. This affects so many lifes, who make a living with Upwork, not just a side-hussle. If they carry on like this, it won't be just our death on Upwork, it'll be Upwork's. 

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