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I am a website designer | My crime is that I am from Iran

Hi guys
I am a web designer with 13 years of experience
I was only able to register on Apurk with a lot of effort
But Iran is a sanctioned country.
We can't have a PayPal account because we are banned
The employer does not pay attention to me, who is from Iran, because of the sanctions
Earning money with Iranian money is not good at all. It is not worth it

People like me in Iran, if they have a dollar income, their lives will change.
Now you tell me what to do? Why is there no justice?
i am angry i am sad I am sad. I am confused

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Hey bro you don't need PayPal I think you can use your local bank the clients on upwork always pay you in dollars and in upwork then you have to withdraw money from upwork to your bank account PayPal or anything else if someone is going to pay you out of the Upwork it is against the policey Thank you 


Hi Masoud,


U.S. law restricts Upwork from conducting business with individuals or entities located or traveling in restricted areas, such as Iran. However, you can still use the platform as long as you're residing in a country where Upwork conducts business. Please have a look at this help article to learn more.

~ Luiggi
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