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I am bringing up this topic again

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I think its unfair that Americans get passed up for many jobs on this site. I look at most of the people who get the projects are in fact from other countries. I thought this was going to be a great site for me, but I have had more success from other freelancer sites. This topic will keep showing up since Americans are being treated unfairly here. Its not just jobs I am applying for but others jobs, I often look at to see who was hired. Apparently since we want more money for our work, the jobs end up going to people in other countries, I won't say which ones.
Community Guru
Yes, many people will be going for the lower price. That means don't compete on price, compete on what you can offer the client. Americans are not being treated unfairly just because clients prefer other contractors. Maybe the other contractors are a better fit for the job. Plus, I am sure that there are many Americans, Canadians, British, Australian and other nationalities getting jobs here.
I'm Canadian (and, um, just the 51st state, right?) and get tons of jobs. When I look at your profile, on the other hand, I would suggest that you brigten it up a tad - it's, um, quite depressing...
nevermind Feeling very tired and curmudgeonly. Not a good time for commenting on a post like this...Nothing nice to say. 😞
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[quote=Susan G.]Apparently since we want more money for our work, the jobs end up going to people in other countries, I won't say which ones.[/quote] I don't think you should be including yourself in the group of Americans that want more money, considering your hourly rate is only $2.

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Numerous other reasons might be preventing you from gaining work. Your hourly rate is only $2.22 per hour, well below a rate that would put you above the poverty level in America. How can you say you're asking for a sizeable amount of money for your service if you're only charging $2.22 per hour? I'm one of those Americans that does require a higher rate, and I do get work on a regular basis. Of course, things have changed on this site dramatically, but you have to remember this is an international hiring platform. Improve your profile, and even brighten up your page with a more professional image. I have to agree with William that your page is a bit "gloomy", if not down right plain. Your statement on the end stating, "don't invite me unless you plan on hiring me" is going to get you absolutely nowhere. It isn't appealing at all, I'd remove it. You also offer very few reasons for a client to hire you. Maybe by improving your own profile you can begin landing jobs-- before you start making claims that clients just want lower rates.
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When I see people from certain countries charge very low rates, I think "OK, they may have a low cost of living". When I see an American do this, I think they are desperate. Did you really work for 6 cents an hour? Show some pride in yourself.
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its not exclusive for Americans to be passed up. I'm from the Philippines but my rate is american, and that is because I know there are clients out there who value quality and work experience than saving some $$$. I know this because my rate is $16.67 per hour and I do get jobs, so its not just the rate. I've had several clients go for the few dollars article writers then come back to me after a week, offering me the job they gave to someone else when I applied. To give them a lesson, I tell them I am now too busy to take their job. They got to understand that freelancers who are great at what they do don't wait around and don't take just any job, that we, freelancers also get to choose which clients to work with :) Yes it might sound like I am letting go of opportunities but cheapskates are usually also very difficult to please, so I just avoid those. In the long run, you'll be glad the cheapskate didn't hire you.

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