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I am new here,still no projects,Need help

Respected Seniors!

                    I am new here but still no projects,I have skills of MS office,Typing Sindhi audio transcription,Data ebtry works,Kindly help me regarding this,I need job for my son

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Seema, you must start at the beginning. Read through this post. Follow every link, and pay special attention to the link to the post from Wes on scams.


In addition, data entry is a flooded category, so you will have to present a great profile and proposals to be viewed. If your other skills are excellent, I would use a less crowded field. If you are looking for money right away, freelancing is not likely to provide. There are expenses, and it will likely take you, or any new freelancer, many  proposals before you are hired.

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Hi Seema, first of all you need to be patient, i don't know how many proposal you have submitted. I norder to get attention your proposal must have no spelling mistakes, you must show to the client that you understood requirements and you really care about how good results.


Data entry is an area where you will face tough time grabbing projects, you must know your special skills that can help clients.




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