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I am not able to get membership plan as i set my debit card as billing methos

Contact support just give me a normal common response.


Done everything from my side. Kindly resolve the issue for this problem.

I have to buy connects to work more on upwork but don’t know what i should do now.


I tried Visa (Derbit card) and Paypal

Still get an issue "Your payment could not be processed. Please choose an alternate payment method or retry again later."

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jignesh, 

I checked your account and can confirm the transactions on your card were declined on our end. Kindly check this further with your issuing bank for more information on why the transactions were declined. 

As for the Paypal account that you added to your billing method, you may need to add an alternative payment method to your PayPal wallet in order to add your PayPal account as a billing method on Upwork.

~ Avery
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