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I am top rated freelancer on upwork but didn't get any job invitations

Hello! I am a top rated freelancer on upwork with 100% job success rate but didn't get any job invitation. I just received 2 job invitations in 1 year. Can you please help me out and tell me reason behind this. I also have active my available now batch as well but it still get any invitation. 

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The algorithm rotates the freelancers through the front of the search results. So if you aren't getting invites, it's probably because the algo decided it isn't your turn. If you search the community site, you can even find posts by mods that reference this part of the algorithm (without outright admitting it).

So, why algorithm always ignoring me😭 Is there something wrong with my profile. Can you please checked my profile and identify my mistakes. So that I get any invitation. 

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