I am trying to find a specific freelancer

I am trying to find a freelancer named,**Edited for Community Guidelines**. Can someone help me as everytime I put his name in a get "No Results".


Sandy Queen

**edited for Community Guidelines**


in your inbox


or not.... you don't have your messages enabled.  


just google his name + upwork.  First result.

where is that?

There are a lot of freelancers named Asad Khan... have you checked them yet?


Maybe you are looking in jobs instead. Click on the loupe and them in the small green loupe again.

Where is that?


Open a web browser.


In the "address bar", enter the following characters:




Type in the name of the freelancer you are looking for.


For example, type:


"Asad Umair Khan"


Then follow this up with a space. (That can be accomplished by pressing on the large, wide character at the bottom of the keyboard.)


Then type in the following:




At thend end, you should have something in the google search field that looks like this:


"Asad Umair Khan" site:upwork.com


Then click the "return" or "enter" key on your keyboard.


You should see a "google search results" page which lists webpages which match your search criteria.


Click on the top link to see this freelancer's search profile.


If you are NOT logged into Upwork, you won't be able to see this particular profile page. So you will need to log into Upwork first. If you don't know how to do that, then post another message here in the Forum so we can provide instructions.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sandy,


The freelancer may not be using his full name as his profile name here on Upwork so you will not be able to find him that way. As Pablo pointed out there are many freelancers with the same first and last name.


If you met the freelancer off the platform you can ask him to send you a direct link to his profile.

~ Valeria

I'm having the same issue with another freelancer, **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  I've tried all the suggestions listed here and they aren't working.  May I get some additional help from Upwork to look at **Edited for Community Guidelines** and see if there is an issue with her setup?


Hi Kristin,


If the freelancer has a completed and approved profile that she set as public, you'll find her in search. If her profile isn't approved or is set as private, you won't be able to find it in search. If you are in touch with the freelancer, you can ask her to send you a direct link to her profile.

~ Valeria