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I am trying to update my portfolio with a new folder but cant

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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John M wrote:

...When I hear the statement that this is "working as designed" I want to know who did the UI/UX research on this "feature" and what methodology they used. They certainly didn't ask any users.

Upwork introduced this feature for IT workers. When they saw an increase in either hiring or revenue in that segment, they made one of their infamously unsupported extrapolations, and made it a stridently and insistently promoted "option" across the board. Despite clamor from users reporting a poorly-executed implementation and users for whom specialized profiles make no sense, Upwork has now resorted to coercion for this "option."

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Kevin O Member Since: Feb 27, 2019
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This is a big problem.  I echo the setiments of everyone above that forcing freelancers to add a specialized profile just so they can add portfolio items is ridiculous.  And while I hear "specialized proflies are better for searching and connecting freelancers to clients" it should be our decision to use them if it fits within our business.  A specialized profile doesn't fit within what I do so now I'm stuck not being able to add more portfolio items.


Portfolio items should be optionally tied to specialized profiles.  Not required.


Your limitation is hurting our business.

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Scott B Member Since: Nov 20, 2015
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Valeria -


You make it sound like this impacts those who want/need a specialized profile. You say "We will soon be launching a new feature that allows freelancers with specialized profiles a more modern way to showcase their work to potential clients – portfolio templates."


However, the current process FORCES a specialized profile if you want to add any portfolio items. Why was this change made? Why do I need to create a specialized profile when my main profile covers everything I need? UW is forcing people to create a specialized profile if they want to display their work even if they only do one thing. This makes no sense. 

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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There is no such thing as a specialized profile in my field of endeavor.  Sigh. I'm missing all the fun.

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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LOL @ Mary.  You can supply the popcorn ... that way you'll not feel left out.


Offerng specialized profiles is a service some genres of work can benefit from.


Requiring them is an all together different matter. 


We all know that U has been pushing (read basically demanding) agency affiliation as they seem to be convinced it is more lucrative.  Requiring specialized profiles was the first tangible step to this. 


If we are unable to add portfolio items to primary profiles OR are able to add portfolio items only to /if the same item resides in a specialized profile U.'s shift to agency-only is confirmed. It might take a while ... but we're rather adept at ferreting out intentions by now.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Scott, Mary and Wendy, 


I moved your posts from the Portfolio Templates announcement thread to this one, discussing the recent changes you mentioned in your comments, which weren't directly related to the subject of the Templates announcement thread but are relevant to the recent discussion in this thread.


To all,


Thank you for sharing your feedback and sentiment around the recent changes affecting the process of adding new Portfolio items. We've shared your views with our team and will follow up with an update on this thread soon. 

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Thanks for letting us know, Vlad -

Speakng for Mary and Scott as well.  Smiley Happy

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Dan B Member Since: Jun 12, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I'd like to add to the general sentiment.

I was having issues adding work to my portfolio and had to google the problem.

Specialized profiles should be OPTIONAL.

This shouldn't be made more difficult than it has to be.

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Jacob G Member Since: Apr 18, 2018
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I find the specialized portfolio too restrictive and the UI a bit clunky and tedious. I'd like to keep a general profile. Am I missing something with regard to adding new portfolio projects, without making a specialized profile? I can't upload any new projects without making a specialized profile first, then deleting the specialized profile after upload. See attached portfolio upload loop.


A note on specialized profiles - the skill options aren't open-ended enough and result in a pigeonholing that doesn't describe what I do. There's also overlap between specialization that I can't seem to display correctly given the UI - being forced to select one specialized portfolio for a project when in certain cases both apply, and in other cases neither specialization really applies but I'm forced to select between the limited two when uploading new projects. Also, aren't the skill tags supposed to cover specialization - why add this feature?


Old portfolio categories appear to be hanging around but I can't modify them or add applicable projects.


Is this a known issue being worked through? Been inactive for a while. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback.

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Samantha S Member Since: Jun 23, 2016
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I had the same issue, I had to make a specialized profile based on my general profile just to add a new writing sample. The skills in my field were pretty limited, as well. I think my old profile was actually better than the new duplicate specialized profile. 


I am a little grouchy about some of the changes since I had three annoying notifications today and then discovered this "new feature."  I didn't know about the option of deleting the specialized profile afterward.