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I am unable to get new job

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Mohit T Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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I have delivered couple of jobs with 5 star rating but I am unable to get new jobs.

I have always delivered more than expected.

Can somebody have a look at my profile and please suggest me how I can improve


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Community Guru
Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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Your overview has a few simple grammar mistakes. These shouldn't be too difficult to sort out, and you will look more professional if you attend to them. This also leads me to believe you may have minor grammar/word usage mistakes in your proposals. I can tell that English probably isn't your first language, and while that won't necessarily hold you back here, the better your English is, the greater chance of your success. I recommend using the app/website Duolingo to help brush up on your English skills.


Hide your test scores that show "below average" until you are able to retake them and get a better score. In the meantime, don't consider these as skills of yours - you don't have the test scores to back up those claims. Aim for jobs that don't require those specific skill sets. You'll be able to retake the test about a month after the last time you took it, so study up.


You may also consider hiding any test scores that show anything except "Top xx%". Even though your skills may be above average, you look better if you focus on your strengths instead of your "capabilities". If you're not great at it, it's not a strength.


Could you also elaborate on your "Other Experiences" section? It's great that you show you've earned an award, but you give no details as to the award itself - why should your client care about this award? What does this award mean for your skills, value, etc.?


Other than that, I'd recommend you just focus on applying to the jobs you're highest qualified for. It's more about quality than quantity, and if there's someone better to do the job for your client - they're going to pick the person who's more qualified. Settling on someone who doesn't meet their needs isn't doing them a favor, and they may fear the risk of having to hire someone else to clean up the job when you're done. Don't make them take that risk.

- Barbara Herrera -