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I am unable to verify my account.

I am unable to verify my account. I used the link provided through text and all i get is "looking for something we cant find this page error' I tried talking to the AI and all i got was them telling me to try going to my setting and trying to verify that way but i got the same result. I called the customer support number but they redirected back to the help center which only has useless articles that don't protein to my problem. this is my first day on Upwork and the customer service is terrible. please hire real customer service instead of referring people to article and a AI.

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I'm sorry for the frustration you're experiencing with Upwork's verification process and customer support. It sounds incredibly frustrating to encounter errors and lack of helpful resources. Consider reaching out directly to Upwork through email or social media for personalized assistance. Your first impression matters, and I hope it improves swiftly.

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