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I apply for a certain job but when I got hired its not the specs but some illegal tampering of doc

Hi I am asking what to do if some clients pushing the job but of different jobs of what he puts on the joblist. For instance he put a job photo restoration of old photographs but when he email me its not the thing he let me do some tampering of certain documents which is illegal. When I refuse he gave me negative score.
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... and this is exactly how the system fails freelancers. I ended a contract and refunded a client once for this type of thing. If you can prove it to oDesk.... maybe they can help? I don't know. But the process of fighting it is probably not worth the amount you'd lose by refunding him. Your morals don't come with a price. Good for you for not doing it.
Once I provided them proof that the job is totally not about what the client posted (complete with screenshots). All I got is they will have to review it and inform me about the status of my complaint. A few days after, ticket was closed with no update whatsoever. Client is still roaming the site freely to this day.

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If you refused to do the job, then you will not have been paid anything, so there will be no public feedback. If you took an upfront payment, you should refund it. Do mention what happened to support in case the client said something about you which can be used against you behind the scenes. If you took money for the job anyway, then you are just as bad as the client.
When a client closes off a contract, there is a question asking how likely you would be to work with that freelancer again. A scale 1-10 if I remember correctly. So yeah, there are behind the scene things that freelancers are not commonly aware of that affect their experience on this site. I have even received an email from oDesk a couple times after giving less than ideal feedback. oDesk really does put in efforts where many can't see, it's awesome. But this is just to show that yes, there is more than likely a black mark in the backside of your freelancer profile.
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You have the ability to reply to the negative feedback you know. I would write that you ended the job when the client asked you to do something illegal and then I would contact customer support and report the client. You are not helpless.