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I can't find Upwork project for month

I faced with a problem that I applying for project related to my field, but there is no one who will accept me. 

Maybe I need to stop writing how i can be helpful for the client and sending examples related to this job and only start to beg for job?
How it working here?

Waiting your variants,

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Hi Stacey,

I know how hard it is to not get contracted for any job after spending months writing cover letters and losing hundreds of Connects, I have applied for about 50+ jobs until I get my first job, and there were few jobs in the same month that I got contracted, and again I have applied for 70+ jobs to get the next job, and since that, I got contracted continuously until now.


Please don't lose hope, as one day you will be a great talented freelancer on the Upwork platform, and then you don't need to look back for works, Please focus on polishing your Profile and finding the right and best suitable job for your skills.


I hope this helps.

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Hi Kamarudheen,
It's really nice words to say. Thank youHeart
It's really exausting process and its hard to keep up your motivation.


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Take a week off from applying. Spend as much time as you can during that week studying sales, marketing and personal branding. Also, invest a few hours browsing the top-ranking websites of professionals in your field and the profiles of successful freelancers. Use what you learn to improve your pitches. 

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