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I can't find my referral job.

Sp my friend gave me this job referral and i clicked to accept it but didn't write the cover letter, saving it for later. But now i can't find it anywhere. Not on notifications, nowhere. Where do o find it? Please help!!!!!

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It do happen sometime. However, you may look at follow action to figure it out - 

1. Look into the my proposal section. As you have accepted the job so it may be in your active job list

2. In the My Stat section, see the invitation in case it is not in point 1

3. If not in 1 & 2, than check in your email. If you have set the notification than email is received on Job invitation. You can access the same from there.

4. If job is not accessible from 1,2 or 3, than probably job might have been cancelled. You can raise ticket to upwork




Sajal Sharma

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