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I can't save my employment history


Could someone help me out? I can't save my employment history. When I add an employment section, the save button is disabled for some reason. What could it be? Attached screenshot below. I did try filling all the sections as well. 


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Hi, I can't save my employment history either. Kindly help. 

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I've been experiencing the same issue as well - unable to add more employment history to an existing one, as the save button is disabled.

Hi Martina,


I'm sorry to hear you are also experiencing this. If you haven't already, could you please try clearing your browser cache and cookies or using a different browser? Let us know if the problem persists so we can assist you further. 

~ Luiggi
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I know this is an old thread but considering today May 29th, 2024 the issue is still happening, I decided to reply.

the workaround that worked for me was to start filling the job description first, then the period of time, and doing the remaining by order afterwards (company, location and title). See printscreen attached.

Seem's to be an issued with the javascript validation that is not being triggered properly.

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How is this still an issue after 3+ years? How have moderators still failed to post a single solution so that way, they don't have to create a ticket every single time this happens?


It pops up on my screen to add employment history [[[ every single time I login to upwork ]]]; I either click "Save" and it doesn't save, or the Save button is grayed out.


Please - either fix your %$#@!, or just post the solution on this forum already to save all of us time scrolling through an infinite sea of "hey it still doesn't work, hey let me create a support ticket and not post the solution" posts.

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