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I can't see the tray icon of time tracker.

Hello Everybody,


I installed the latest Upwork time tracker on ubuntu 14.0.4.


I can't see the tray icon of the tracker.


But If I run the tracker on WIndows, I can see the tray icon.


Is there any settings to show/hide the tray icon?





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Hi David,


I think there is a icon but it's dark so it isn't visible. At least, in my case.

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try  this - hope it helps! 


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Not actually ubuntu issue, reproduced on windows in my case: 


If you're not seeing time tracker in sidebar and tray and upwork.exe process is running then possible reason is that you've run out of space on system disk. Try cleaning temp files, kill upwork.exe process tree and restart the app.

Worked for me, thanks!

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