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I can't set my hourly rate on my profile.

Hello, I am a new freelancer.

I just connected into upwork. however, i can't set my hourly rate for now.

My current hourly rate is zero now.

Could you let me know how to set the hourly rate?

Please give help to me for it. Thank you so much.

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I want to set my hourly rate what i want. I can 't send any proposals due to my hourly rate is zero.
Screenshot 2021-04-02 140139.png

There is no any button to edit my hourly rate over here. please help me. thanks.


Hi Wang,


I checked, and it looks like you are an exclusive member of the agency. For exclusive agency members, you will need to reach out to your agency manager/owner so that they can edit this for you. 

~ Joanne

Oh, thank you for your effort. Let me check it out with my company.
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