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I can't verify my bank account...

I just signed up with upwork. As I'm getting ready to submit a proposal, a pop-up window appears with a request to verify my bank account ending in xxxx. It takes me to the next window with spaces to enter two values that are equal to or under $10.00. I do that, but it says the values are incorrect. I noticed the sample image indicated Upwork credits specifically. I don't see any upwork credits in my bank account, obviously, because I only just signed up and haven't completed any jobs. My account and card have already been linked. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. Can someone please help? Time is of the essence.



Community Manager
Community Manager



Since you're located in the US and you are trying to submit a proposal for a project with a location requirement, you're asked to verify your location. You can find more information in this Help article.


Please provide your bank account details (doesn't have to be the account you'l be using on Upwork) and contact your bank if you're not seeing the two verification charges on you bank statement. 

~ Vladimir