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I cannot access W9 form.

I just got my first assignment from a client, and I need to complete all the "paper"work.  I am an Expat american, so I suppose I need to file a W9.  However when I go to User Settings > Tax Information and I click on W9form I keep directed to W8-BEN.  How can I access W9??   Is there anywhere else I can get to the form???

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Felicia,


Please change the location and enter your US address on the Contact Info page in Settings, in order to be able to access the W9 form. You also need to contact Customer Support so they can enable you to change the tax information details.



Thank you Vladimir for answer.  I have been living in Rome, Italy for the past 13 years, and I really don't have a valid US address!  I have an option to enter a company name of my partner (which is Italian) as my "legal name", which will enable me to file W8BEN.  Would that be acceptable?



This is a duplicate post - in the other one, I suggested the IRS website .... so you may want to merge and delete my suggestion if it's incorrect.

Thank you Virginia!!  I did find the form on IRS site as you suggested!  I am waiting for a reply from Vladimir before proceed!  and Sorry about the double post, it was an accident!

Now I am beginning to be rather concerned.  If an US address is required for W9, and using my partner's company name as "Legal name of business" is not allowed (of course I have his consent, he was the one who suggested that), what would be the solution in my case???  Smiley Frustrated

Hi Felicia,


Please, submit a ticket request to customer support and attach your completed W-9 form. The team will assist you further with updating your Tax Information

~ Valeria

Will do.  Thank you Valeria!

Valeria or Vladimir, can I write in my Italian address on W9?  Is that acceptable?  Like I said, I don't have any American address I can use.

Felicia, you can input your Italian address when you fill the form or leave the address field blank. Then send it to the team via the ticket.

~ Valeria

Good, thank you very much for your help, Valeria! will do! Cat Very Happy

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