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I cannot figure out how to track my hours

My contract with client started today, and I cannot figure out how to enter work hours. I went into Upwork "how to" guide and it is not very helpful. All it says after I opent contract, quote "Toggle the tracker’s On/Off switch to On". There is no such thing! I went in each category: To-Dos, Time & Earnings, Work Diary, Terms & Settings. This Tracker Switch nowhere to be found. And I cannot add time manualy either. There is + symbol next to Total: 00.00 hours, but it doesn't do anything. Two buttons, one with four squares, the other with four lines, that change color to green do not do anything nor they have names to give idea what they are for. I cannot contact Technical support, because there is no contact of any form, no phone, no chat option. So frustruating. Can someone help me with this, please

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You should not try to contact Upwork Technical Sipport about this.


You should post your questions here.


You should download the Upwork desktop application and use it to log your time.


Use manual time only when you absolutely can't log time with the time-tracker application.

Thank you for replying to me. Preston.

I downloaded the application as you suggested. It only shows messages. There is no option to enter or track hours. It is basically communication app, like Skype. When I clicked on View contract in the app, it took me back to website, so the issue of not been able to track time is still there. 

Two possibilities: either you have not been hired, or you have been hired for a fixed price job, in which case you don't track hours. 

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The tracker switch is in an app you need to install:



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Don't worry. May be its your first task thats why you are feeling like this. It quite easy. Just go to the task assigned to you by your client and click on start work. The hours will be itself tracking. Because the upwork have his own tracking system The clock will be runing on the right or left side of your screen. And at the same time upwork will take screenshoots of your screen.

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