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I charged the wrong client


I accidentally charged the wrong client on the toggle switch and didn't realize till I reviewed my time card. Unfortunetly, I missed the deadline for the week review. I was finally able to issue a refund but I don't know how to charge the client that I did do all the work for now that it's past the adjustment time. I took photos of my log.  Note**  The client that should have been billed has been super unresponsive and this project has taken months even though it was only 5 hrs worth of work because of the unresponsiveness; and they didn't enable manual time. Any feedback would be helpful.

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Ask him to pay you by adding bonus. If the client is responsive. Because its not right to add logs now.

And if their not responsive?

Is the project completed?

Is the other contract still open? Add manual time and hope for the best.

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