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I did 2 milestone with my client and she is now not paying me

I started a contract recently did the first milestone she paid me for the second one she payed me for the third milestone she didnt started it and said she isnt using upwork for now when shell use it shell make one. Now when i have sent her the completed work she is refusing to pay me for the third milestone and saying that i paid upwork and will not pay.she has stopped replying me and is refusing to end contract as well. What should I do? Im in dire need of money


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Hi Wadduha,


I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Please note that our Fixed-Price Protection doesn't cover promised funds or unfunded milestones. You can check this help article for more information. I suggest that you follow with the client again and try to resolve this. If you choose to close the contract yourself, the client can always pay you a bonus.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Knowledgeable Upwork Freelancers don't work on unfunded milestones.


if you made a mistake in how you used Upwork, then learn from your mistake and move on.


As a freelancer, it never matters to me if a client stops responding or checking Upwork.

Because I only work on funded milestones. When I finish a task, I click on the "Submit Work for Payment" button. If the client does nothing, then I get paid automatically.

Is there nothing I can do?

Wadduha, it is fairly simple Upwork can only help when the client deposits the money in the escrow, depositing the money indicates a formal approval from the client for you to go ahead with the project.


As per Upwork's Payment Protection Policy, If the Escrow is was not funded that means there was never a formal approval from the client to start the work. And Upwork can't help you in this situation.


Please know and remember, it is NOT rude to tell the client that you cannot and will not work unless the milestone is funded. Only dishonest or clients with unclear intents will try to emotionally manipulate by saying that do you not trust him/her? In that case, it is ok to politely let him/her know that you cannot and will not work without an active milestone.




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