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I did a job but the money isn't coming in.

I recently did a job. The payment was taken from my client. It says I've made the money on my profile it says "1K+ earnings" but the money has not been put in my account for me to withdraw. Am I missing something?

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Your profile is 'private', so nobody can see it to verify what you are saying, when the job started, etc to help answer your question.  Contact Upwork Support if you are concerned.

How do you contact Upwork Support? Everytime I try it brings you to a neverending loop of a chat bot or I'm told that it's only available for enterprise. Any time I've had problems in the past I come to this forum and support responds directly here and opens a ticket.


Hi Ronald,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it looks like your funds are currently under the Pending tab on your Owerview page. This represents the standard security hold period in which funds cannot be withdrawn. Hourly payments are in the security period from the time the client review ends on Friday to when the funds are released on Wednesday.

You can find more information in this help article. Let us know if you have further questions. 

~ Nikola
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