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I did my highest rated job and I expected my JSS to rise but it got rather decreased

I just completed a contract few days ago and it's my highest rated job the client was very happy he gave me bonus two times. My JSS was 85% and now it's 73%. This is very terrible for me. Can someone please have a look at my profile and explain this. Please Please.

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A client can always leave private feedback that's different from their public rating and review. This happened to me a few times, I'll admit it. So I got salty about it and used my saltiness to keep winning contracts and doing good work and winning contracts and doing good work and these days those temporary dips in JSS are long gone.

Hey Martin thanks for the reply but if you check my profile and change the filter to highest rated you'll see that my newest contract is the highest rated one.

Yes, that's the highest public-facing rating. Unless I'm mistaken, that contract could be hiding private feedback from the client that's ... less than perfect. My point is that you can have a profile with 100% five-star ratings and still have a poor JSS because of the private feedback clients are leaving (which is feedback you and the public can't see). JSS factors in more than just the public-facing ratings displayed on your profile.

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