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I did not get paid for hourly job I have done

I still hope upwork will solve this issue

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Retired Team Member

Hi Electro,


Did you tracked your time with our desktop app? Feel free to send me a PM with your contract ID so that I can check this further and advise you accordingly. 
To learn more how you`re protected on hourly contracts check out our guide for Upwork Hourly Protection, thank you.

~ Goran
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@ElectroInvasion V wrote:

I still hope upwork will solve this issue

 Do you have an hourly contract?

Did you track your time, with the Upwork tracker, adequate activity levels and meaningful work memos?

Do you understand how hourly jobs work?




Your profile also violates Upwork rules, you need a picture of yourself and your profile name must be your own, real, legal name.


So unless your parents had a weird sense of humour calling you ElectroInvasion you need to fix that immediately now you've drawn attention to it....

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 re: "I did not get paid for hourly job I have done"


Freelancers get paid automatically for the work they do on hourly contracts.


If you were not paid, it is because you made a mistake in how you used Upwork.


You should not ask Upwork to "solve this issue." Upwork can not "solve this issue." There is no "issue" to solve.


You need to figure out what you did wrong, so that you can correct your mistake and/or avoid making the same mistake again in the future. You are welcome to ask questions here in the Forum if you still do not understand what you did wrong.

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