I did not receive my earnings from upwork to payoneer :(

Hi! I made a payoneer account here in upwork.com because I want it to be my mode of payment, it was then approved after 3 days, so without any hesitation, I withdraw all my earnings from upwork to payoneer. However, I cannot open my account on payoneer the whole day, so I asked payoneer customer support, no answer, then I started posting on some groups for help. One guy helped me out and he said it was an unfinished registration. So now, I managed to open my account on payoneer and it was approved. But still, my earnings are not there! Is there anyone who could help me out here? Christmas is near and I need my earnings 😞


Chances are that the fund will be returned to your upwork account later. I am sorry but there would almost be no chance that you could receive the money by Christmas.

Thank you for letting me know. It's okay as long as they can return it to me.

Hi Luisa, 

I checked your transaction and it looks like it was successful on our end. If the withdrawal still hasn't reflected on your account after 24-hours, let us know and we will assist you. Just the same, please also get in touch with the Payoneer Support team so that they can assist you on their end.

~ Avery

Once you made a withdrawal to your Payoneer account from Upwork, you will get a couple of emails from Upwork. First email is the confirmation of withdrawal. Second email is from Payoneer asking for Immediate load or normal load if you didnt opt the immediate load always option.

If you missed the email or not choosen the immediate load option, then it will take 2 working days for the amount to load in your payoneer account. 


Hi Luisa,

If the funds are still missing from the Payoneer end, I would suggest contacting our customer care team, and they will do their best to assist you.

If you have any additional issues, feel free to PM me.



Sivan- Community Manager at Payoneer