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I didn't use the Upwork Work Diary

Hello everyone, I have a problem and I hope some of you could help. I started working in Upwrok very recently and after losing many connects I finally could get my first job Smiley Happy The problem is that, I've previously worked with hourly jobs in other webpages  but I wasn't familiarized with the Upwork system and Work Diary (I know I'd had read the manual). Once I finally got the job done and I was to proceed to get paid I realized that the hours worked must be submitted manually in the same day, so I don't know what to do now and it was a really long work. It took me almost 4 days to finish it. 


You do not need to submit manual work in the same day that you do the work. You need to submit it during the current work week.


You can submit manually-logged time for yesterday. The day before.


But not for last week.


Further to what Preston said you also need to have


1) manual time enabled on the contract


2) the client's permission to add manual time.


if you are missing one of those two factors you may have had a very expensive lesson....

Yes, I guess I should have put more attention to the manual in first place and the billing methods. However, I messaged my client and describe her the whole story, she was very considerate and told me that it was ok and that I could put the worked hours as they were worked this same week.


I learnt my lesson  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abraham,


I can confirm you have the option to add manual time on this job, and see your client agreed to add your hours manually.


However, going forward, I'd strongly suggest you get familiar and use the Team App to record your work. It will allow you to accurately log hours which are in turn covered by Upwork's Hourly Payment Protection Program, and you are paid for the hours worked on a weekly basis. 


Please check this video and this Help article, and learn how to use the Upwork Team App. You can also find more information about working and getting paid on Hourly jobs here and here.

~ Vladimir