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I do not jet any jobs for so long time and I keep send proposals

Can anyone help me what is the reason I hardlly get views and do not get jobs .

I read  the discription and send detailed proposal and mention details in  the job .


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Hi! I hope you are fine. I reviewed your profile, you have an excellent profile regarding completed projects and reviews. Following  are some points according to my experience that I think you should try:

- Change your profile paragraphs and presentation 

- Try to change your Rates

- Keep the proposal short, just according to the project

- Share your portfolio in a PDF file to the clients

- In the proposal must mention the tools/software you use.

- start the proposal with client's name (you can find the name under client's profile comment section)







thank you for your reply .

can I ask change rate to be less or more?
I do all the mentioned points except (Share your portfolio in a PDF file to the clients)

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umm you are top rated, there is a cohort on 'what to do after being top rated' or something like that and it offers resources on how to increase your success from there (based on what i remember from what i read and not exp.)


Thats the link to the group, you apply to join 

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Be brave!!!

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