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I don’t feel comfortable putting in my ID

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Caroline E Member Since: Jul 9, 2020
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For safety reasons, I’m unable to put in my id, what can I do?
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I don’t feel comfortable putting in my ID. For safety reasons, I’m unable to put in my id, what can I do?"

You can do anything you want to do.

You are not required to present your ID to Upwork.


If you want to continue using Upwork as a freelancer, then this is going to come up sooner or later. Perhaps sooner.


But most people in the world do not have Upwork freelancer accounts. You may choose to use other freelance work platforms that don't have such stringent identity verification requirements. Or you may choose to focus on using Upwork only as a client. Or you may choose to not be involved in any online freelancing.


Of course you are welcome to do a search in the Forum and in Upwork's help documents to read more about identity verification. Perhaps doing so will put your mind at ease, or perhaps your readings will lead you to conclude that this really is a hurdle which you can't circumvent.


If it makes you feel any better, let me assure you that your photo and identity information are already out there, online, etc., available to companies, governments, and anyone willing to pay for it. Avoiding the highly secure Upwork identity verification protocols won't really accomplish anything.