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I don't get hired after becoming Top Rated.

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Hermann M Member Since: Jul 8, 2018
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Join the club - got top rated a coupple of months ago and while I was getting jobs all the time before since I got top rated (am at 100%) I send out some 60 individual applications and just got one smallish job. Mind you, 98% of those jobs I applied for have not hired anyone and from 99% of those there is no reply what so ever, even on invitations and jobs from the Upwork talent scout No Joy


I have no idea what is going on all I see is that all jobs get spammed with 50+ applications which nay be the cause. If I was looking for a freelancer and had my email account spammed like that I would also go elsewhere 


When applying I avoid those "average hourly rate $3.99" and other rediculous offers