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I don't get job

I love to work in oDesk but I don't get job. i have complete 59 job. Every day I'm bidding but don't found job & Do not reply Clint. What can I do and why ?

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I don't want to be rude or anything but there is a great difference between your test results in English and the way you posted here. I understand that when you post messages there can be typos made in rush that you are not able to edit later on (I had a few  terrible typos myself)  , but there is just a great, great discrepancy (or difference)  between your test results ( the first place ) and the grammar and typos here.When you communicate with client it might make them suspicious . Otherwise, your profile is great. Also, you may try to change the pic with some background that is more business-like. Hide bellow average HTML test. And just keep applying!The best of luck



Try removing the unnecessary capitalisation in your profile. I've noticed nearly every word in your profile Is Capitalised Like This. I think that could be quite off-putting for a client.


Good luck ;)



Thank for your information 

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Same Problem 

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Hi Prokash are you following proper guidelines, you may follow this guidelines and try. Hope, you will be success.


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