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I don't have a valid ID.

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Albert Joseph J Member Since: Mar 31, 2014
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Hi! I'm new here on oDesk, and I have a bit of a problem. Just a couple of minutes ago (as of this post), I tried verifying my account, so that contractors won't think I'm a scammer and/or spammer, and so I could have more job applications. It first went through mobile verification, which went smoothly and finished within a minute, but then I came to the ID part. I don't have a valid ID according to what oDesk describes as a valid ID. I'm a student, so all I have is a school ID, and I also have a library card, which oDesk describes as invalid ID. So I skipped that for the moment and went back to my Job Feed. I saw a data entry job that I was interested in applying for, so I clicked the Apply button, but oDesk didn't allow me because I didn't have a valid ID. My question here is, even before I verified my account, I was able to apply to jobs. Now, I can't because I don't have an ID. I didn't even verify through mobile AND ID before this happened and I was able to apply for jobs. Is it still possible for me to apply for jobs? Or am I forced to find/produce a valid ID before I'm able to apply again? Oh, and both of my passports are expired, will that work for identification for now?
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Junelle A Member Since: May 31, 2009
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take out a support ticket. i don't think you should wait for an answer here in the forums, you can't afford the delay - it's your ability to apply to jobs that's affected!
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Robert V Member Since: Apr 15, 2014
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I have the exactly the same problem here. Anyone who can help or suggest something?
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Hadiqa I Member Since: Nov 2, 2014
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Same here, I signed in on oDesk after a while and when I am applying to jobs, I have to verfiy the ID card but I do not have one. 

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Emina O Member Since: Mar 26, 2014
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The same thing happened to me months ago. The thing is - you won't be able to apply to jobs unless you provide a valid ID. Here's why I didn't understand your post: how come you don't have an ID? 

You must have National ID or Passport, everyone in the world has it. Of course that the student ID or library ID card is not valid. You must have an ID issued by government institutions in your country.

I hope you'll get it. In my case, I've provided my passport details and soon I was able to apply to jobs and work on oDesk normally.

Good luck!

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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No, not everyone in the world has a national ID or passport. Some countries don't issue national ID cards. Some people have no need to travel outside their country, so don't need passports.