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I don't know how to work hourly based. Can someone explain the process of hourly based projects?

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1. You win an hourly contract

2. You download the Upwork desktop App 

3. Log your time while working 


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There are some complexities to using Upwork's hourly contract structure, including:


1) Don't start work on an hourly project until Upwork has told you a) the client's payment method is approved and b) you have a contract in place with the client through Upwork's system
2) Only work when you can invoke the TimeTracker software you have installed on the PC you use to do work

3) DO NOT add manual time, even if the client "allows" it, as Upwork's excellent hourly payment protection is not applicable for any manual hours.

4) Do not continue work if you see on TimeTracker that you have reached the weekly allowed maximum work hours. (Ask the client to increase that number or wait until the new Upwork work week begins as of 11:59 PM Greenwich Mean Time.) The client has no obligation to pay your for such "excess" hours.


Good luck! Come back to this board if you have any questions.

Also, it is very important that you leave a meaningful memo for each time period when you use TimeTracker to book work time.


If there is a problem with your client's payment, Upwork will then go through your TimeTracker records to closely review all time segments you have booked throughout the life of the project. This is where it will be vital that your memo for each time you use TimeTracker be clearly written so someone other than you and your client can understand it. For example, your memo might say something like, "Phone call re calc. def.", which your client might have no problem understanding and would not contest when reviewing your TimeTracker records. But an Upwork investigator who knows nothing about your project might say that wording does not create a sufficient explanation of the work you were doing at that time.

In that case, Upwork can disallow the time segment you booked using TimeTracker. You will not be told what has caused Upwork to make this decision nor can you object to it. Upwork will return to itself the payment you received for that work time and you will have no recourse to recoup that lost income.

Clear memos are indispensable to assuring full payment under hourly projects.


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