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I don't need to "turn on" the availability badge

Dear Upwork team,
Upwork is saying that I spent 2 connects on the availability badge this week and that I have 0 connects left.
In the same time, it says that the current price to "turn on" availability badge is 6 connects per week.


I don't want to turn on availability, and I need the connects to apply for jobs, and not to spend them on the availability badge!


Hi Djamel,


Thank you for reaching out to us. 


You can turn the availability badge on and off as needed to signal when you're ready to take on new clients. 


Please note that the availability badge works best for:


  • Freelancers who are available to work right now.
  • Freelancers who are frequently asked by clients to apply to jobs and are currently open to more invitations.


If you're new to the platform, it is best to apply for jobs instead of using Connects for this badge as you're still building your profile, and clients, in general, invite freelancers who have a proven work history in Upwork.


Since you ran out of Connects, the Visibility Badge was automatically turned off.


Please check this help article for more information.

~ AJ
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