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I don't remember my security answer


I have only created this account because I can't log into my real one. I don't remember my security question's answer, I don't remember how did I write my childhood street name and now I can't access into my account. Please contact me to the email: **Edited for community guidelines**

Do not contact me to this account, this is not a real one.

And one last thing: Please, change the way an user can ask for help, I didn't have the means to ask about this issue, it sucks to spend over ten minutes creating a whole new one account to do so.

PD: I remember my password, my email, however, the security answer is the trouble.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Eduardo,


You can use this form provided in this help article to reset your password or security question. Please close your new account in order not to violate Upwork's ToS.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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