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I don't want to take the extra money from Upwork

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Mrwan S Member Since: May 11, 2020
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I have a problem that i don't know how to fix and replaying to the mail from the support may take some time so i hope someone from the staff can see this and help me.

My client didn't want the work i did for him in the middle of the contract and asked for a refound after i did like 50% of the work So i refused and filed a dispute so upwork support replied
"Upwork has reviewed this request and will be issuing a refund of Escrow ($50.00) to the client as well as a courtesy credit for the escrow amount (less Upwork fees) to you, the freelancer, in order to end the job and part ways. The courtesy credit will be applied to your account within 5 business days. Your account must be in good standing at the time of credit approval to receive the courtesy credit. This dispute and the contract are now closed."

which is nice and i appreciate it.
But after that the client wanted the files again and did a new job requested and pay me the amount and received the files without any problem, now i feel like i don't desirve the dispute money as i already got paid for my work so how can i stop this courtesy credit thing as i don't want to take money from Upwork that i just took from the client.

I hope you understand the problem, and would love if someone from the support replay and help me with this as i don't know the right thing to do.

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Mrwan,


I checked, and it looks like you have posted this information on your ticket. I'll go ahead and follow-up with the team about this so that they check. Thanks!

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Mrwan S Member Since: May 11, 2020
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Hi Joanne,


Thank you for doing this, all is fine now.
I just asked here so i didn't want the money to be transfared to me to avoid any rules violations.


Thanks again.

Community Guru
Andrei T Member Since: Aug 30, 2016
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You're trying to be fair, but processing the request will likely cost Upwork more than the amount involved. That's the reason why you've got the money in the first place - to make the issue go away.

The best you can do for a positive impact is to minimize your inteactions with support staff - which means to just keep the money and move on.

An even smarter choice would have been to reconsider the entire situation when the client changed their mind and asked for the files. At that point you should have factored into the price all the mess they created and charge accordingly. 

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Heather N Member Since: Nov 13, 2020
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Much respect to you for trying to do the right thing.