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I dont know if its worth trying

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amrita s Member Since: Oct 17, 2008
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I have been on Odesk for more then 4yrs plus. I got a lot of assignments and did well. Since the last year, around June, I am not getting assignments. I have applied a lot but I dont know if there is a recession or what.
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Nitin Kumar S Member Since: Jun 9, 2014
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There are ample job opportunities (specially for you as a writer) But much have changed in the freelancing arena from past 4 years & the scenario now. Few suggestions - 1) You are a writer & you're displaying show many English language tests with bad results on your profile (bad impression on client). It's time to retake those tests again. 2) I don't know why you are having an agency association, but generally nowadays clients are scared of hiring agency guys. 3) This may not be much relevant, but you have kept your profile rate just the double of the actual rate on which you have worked upon the previous contracts. Hope this helps. Cheers Nitin