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I finished my first contract!

Hello upwork team!


Thank you for your services, you really give us the chance to do something with our knowledge which wasn't easy to acquire. It took me like a year to finally get my first contract (when I first started I gave up because I could not find someone who would accept my proposal) but I finally did it!


Can you give me some advises about my profile? Should I delete everything in my portofolio? Those  are really messed learn-purpose projects which I added just to have something in my portofolio. Maybe probably except the tinyOS project which requires a lot of programming knowledge in order to build it.


Also I want to ask about the Certifications. How can I add some English certicifations? I own them in paper, so can I scan them into a pdf or an image format and upload them somehow? Why is the system asking me to choose a certification from a drop down list? I don't even know what these Certifications are.


Once again thank you,

Nikolaos Bampaliaris.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nikolaos, 

Please know that you are only allowed to upload portfolio items that were completed by you as it is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service to use someone else's portfolio as your own. If you have completed projects outside of Upwork that can be used to verify your skills and experience on your chosen job category, you may upload these as part of your portfolio. 


You may read more about the certifications here for more information. 

~ Avery