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I found out why my STATS are low, what now?

Community Guru


First of all find attachment showing my stats, in this message.


I have been doing some investigating through my old contracts. I found that some of my very old contracts (from like 4-5 years ago) were never realised: I was hired, then ignored by the client. Then I had to close the contract  myself as CLIENT NOT RESPONSIVE, at the time....


But this HAS to be the reason why my stats are so low, otherwise there is no way (see other posts of mine explaining everything!)

So, I conclude that these old closed contracts affected my stats :

-Job success 78%, since I have had 70 contracts but around 5-6 of those were never even started (as far as I know 99% of the contracts that actually ended up in a legitimate job have been successfully fulfilled)

-Clients who would recommend you 65%. Of course, again, if some of these were never realised due to client failure to reply, these clients will count as people who would NOT recommend me.


I have all the messages proving I asked them a few times what was going one with no reply.


Is there any way I can have oDesk delete these, as I can prove it was due to clients failure to comply with a contract they set up themselves int he first place?


Odesk is so much work.... grrr