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I give up on upwork and want to close account.

If i close my account and then after some time if i decide to open again does it effect on my profile or anything else.and the reason to close the account is i don't have money to buy connects and why i need to but them before i was getting 60 connects each month free and now i have paid a lot of fees to upwork so its doesn't make sense to pay more to buy connects to bid on project. i give up on you Upwork or may be any way to solve my issue
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You don't need to "close" your account. Just stop using it. Set your account status to private. Set your availability status to not available. Set it to be unavailable for the next year.


Nothing bad will happen to your account. Just don't use it for now. If you decide to use it again later, you still have complete control over it and can do so.

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