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I got a bad review.

Hi, I'm not familiar with Upwork community so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.


So I did a job for a client and he left me a 2 star review with a very negative feedback. The kind that clients would see and be skeptical. Bottom line is, he requested a refund of $20 instead of $10 out of the $30 he paid, which is a bit too far. I can afford to refund him, but will it take off the bad review? In fact, I was almost going to message him to request a full refund so instead of the $20, I get to pay back $30. But my concern is the feedback. Can it be taken off automatically? Because technically, refunding the total money received is like not being paid at all.

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The client says that you plagiarised an article. If that's true, you're very lucky that all you got was a bad review and they didn't report you to Upwork.


The only way to remove the public review is with a full refund, but the bad private feedback will count towards your JSS (once you have enough projects to calculate this).

I partially agree and partially disagree. On the one hand, you are right, Upwork cannot babysit a freelancer, it's simply an issue of using common sense when you deal with clients. On the other hand, I think that the Upwork should have an upper hand over clients and freelancers at least in checking the genuinity of profiles, because freelancers' job is to work not check for spammers, while client's job is to pay if the work is satisfactory and not wonder who's behind the screen.

It is not a matter of common sense. It is a matter of a legal violation; it is theft.


Upwork has plenty to do, that they are not. They do not need to check on the freelancers work. Do you have any idea how many work hours that would entail? They would never accomplish anything else. Most are not willing to break the Terms and the law by stealing.


It is your job as a freelancer to make sure all things are in order before you accept a contract. The problem with this job was the work was stolen. There is no way you can accidentally write the same exact words. This is squarely on the freelancer, and the only mistake the client made was to pay the freelancer anything and not report them.

I actually just realized I posted a comment under the wrong thread. Yes, I concur with all you said, assuming the client rightefully judged the freelancer.

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If it was me, I wouldn't have come to the community and advertised that your work may not be original.

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Once you sign a contract with a client on Upwork they have a permanent ability to leave feedback for you, regardless whether you provide the client with a full refund or you or the client cancel or close the project.


If you make a full refund the client's public feedback for you will disappear from your Upwork profile, but whatever private feedback the client leaves is permanent and removable only by Upwork (which apparently only happens if the client's feedback for freelancers is regularly negative or enough freelancers have complained about the client's difficult nature to Upwork).


And  private feedback has a far greater effect on your Job Success Score than public feedback.

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At some point, if you still have an account, you might be able to remove the public feedback, but you are stuck with the private feedback. Everyone thinks the stars are the thing, and they are not.


I'm shocked you would bring attention to yourself and actually want money for a job where the client has a copyright violation. And the client is correct, video scripts are not in Grammarly or any of the automated programs.


Skeptical? No, run in the other direction.


He is willing to pay you anything for stolen content? I'm not sure why. You have much bigger problems than $10.

Plagiarism is theft. Some people take that very, very, seriously. Like legal, seriously, beyond Upwork.


Your profile contains errors a native or bilingual English professional writer should not have. Your portfolio items have beginner mistakes. I have no idea why clients would look at your work and hire you anyway. Your skills list is all over the place and includes crypto. You need to seriously consider your intentions and decide if you want to develop skills or keep deceiving clients.

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