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I have a Query regarding making Upwork account.

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Shreyanshi P Member Since: Aug 12, 2015
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Hello, I need your help. I have a query, I have made my new account on Upwork by my name & now i want to change my name with my company name . As I am trying to make different account by my company name & I am using the same Email Id as I have used in previous my profile. So, I replied that this Email ID is already in use. 


Can we use same Email address for making the other Profile on Upwork ? Or else if their is any option to edit my previous individual profile into company profile. 

Community Guru
Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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Do not make a second account.  It's against the TOS and the consequence of having multiple accounts is not good.


I would send Upwork a support ticket to see if they can change it for you.  There isn't a way to change it yourself.

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Shreyanshi P Member Since: Aug 12, 2015
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Hello Daniel,


Thanks for your response. We are a IT Firm & looking for a coperate profile in Upwork. So, Can you please suggest me that how i could make a company profile & What will be the verification process.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Please stop trying to create a duplicate account. It will be found and both accounts will be in trouble.


There are three basic account types:


1) Freelancer (people who work for clients)

2) Client (people who pay for work done by freelancers)

3) Agency (where several freelancers are under the umbrella of an agency)


It sounds like what you are after is an agency.


What you can not do here is to have a Freelancer profile that represents a company. The account needs to be a real person, in the name of that real person, and with a photo that shows the real person not a logo.


If you want several people from the company to work you have to create an agency, then everyone who you want to work for clients needs to have their own profile, and a client can then hire them under your agency.


What a client can NOT do is hire the agency and the agency lets whoever they like work on the client's project.


Only the freelancers specifically hired by the client may touch the client's project, be it s an individual freelancer or under an agency.


This means, for example, that if you want 5 people from your company to work together on a client's project the client needs to hire every one of those 5 freelancers, either as individuals or under the agency


To create an agency go to your settings, scroll right down to the bottom, and click on +Create a company on the left. Choose "Create an agency" as per