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I have a problem with my IBAn Number

Hi .. I have a problem with adding my Iban number .. it says that my Iban Number is Invalid while it is the right Iban Number for my account .. can anyone help me with that ? 

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Can you share the screenshot and what bank acc you are using?

I'm using Banque Misr in Egypt .

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use this link to generatew iban and than try again


I can't Find My country Egypt here .. what does that mean ? 

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Hi May , 

Sorry for that , and you can try to : 

  1. Contact your bank (Banque Misr) and ask them to confirm your IBAN number.
    They should be able to tell you if the number is correct, or if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

  2. Check if there are any restrictions on the use of IBAN numbers for your account.
    Some banks  may have specific requirements for IBAN numbers.and confirm tha there are no issue with your account about.
    I'm Using CIB without any issue.


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