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I have a valid TAX number but I'm being charged VAT + Refund Charge


I tried to contact the support team some days ago, but I received no reply and I'm still seeing how my transactions history all have a mention to VAT Service Fee. I also tried today.

My question is: why am I being charged with VAT service fee when I gave a VAT number which is valied through VIES? The thing is, my tax number is valid through VIES since 27.12.2021, at least, and that was the date of the invoice for my first payment, which was only concluded today. That means my tax number was already valid before any invoice was issued (transaction history starts on the 27.12.2021 - I'm new here!). Is it possible to solve? I have some other earnings on the way and I don't want it to include VAT. 

Also, a client gave me a duplicated bonus which I had to refund half of it. Why are you charging me that as well (I mean deducting fees + VAT from the refund as well)? It's not my fault, neither I had any advantage from it and I feel I'm receiving less than if the duplicated bonus wasn't made. Can someone explain me? I'm new and everything is still confusing to me.

Thank you.

I'm posting it here in hope a member of the support team sees this and helps me solving it as I'm yet to receive a reply.


Hi Sara,

I checked and can confirm you were able to submit a support ticket with our team regarding this. Rest assured, our team is reviewing and they will update you directly via ticket as soon as possible.


Thank you.

I was just worried as I didn't receive any confirmation of a ticket and I didn't know how would a reply arrive.

A client made a payment today and told me i could refund the value paid today , and she'd pay me again later, if needed, because of these issues. I didn't know what to do, so I will be waiting for your response. 

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