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I have accidentally been adding hours manually to a wrong client and can't delete it anymore!

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Heidi H Member Since: May 8, 2021
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So I had started my first hourly contract and was not aware that it was possible to clock hours to fixed price jobs as well. I had been happily oblivious to this for a few weeks already, and now one of the manual adds is no longer available to edit or delete. How do I proceed with this? Will that wrong client have to pay for my mistake or can those hours still be deleted? Can Upwork-workers delete them?
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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Heidi, if you're concerned about hours you added to a fixed price job, then there's nothing to worry about because those hours are for your reference only and the client will not be billed for them. However, if you manually added hours for the fixed price job to an hourly contract, then notify the hourly client how many hours you added mistakenly, so they can dispute and have them removed.

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Heidi H Member Since: May 8, 2021
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Oh gosh, that's such a relief! Indeed, it was luckily a fixed price contract I had been adding false hours to. Thank you very much for your reply!
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You added time to a FIXED-PRICE contract?


Well... in that case you certainly don't need to worry about anybody being billed for those time segments.


You may want to send a one-sentence explanation to the client whose contract was used to log incorrect time segments... just in case he notices. Don't send him a note at all unless you start by pointing out that he won't be billed.

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Julie G H Member Since: Mar 1, 2015
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Hi Preston,


I just found out I billed the wrong client for a number of hours a few weeks ago. The contract is hourly and I would like to issue a credit. Upwork help files say I can do that and the funds are deducted from Pending. Do you know if the funds can also be deducted from available balance? Right now I have bumped up my release amount to keep funds in my account. I would prefer avoiding asking the client to file a dispute.





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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Julie G H wrote: Do you know if the funds can also be deducted from available balance? 

You can just refund the client using the refund function on the contract. There is no need for a  dispute and the dispute period for anything but last week is already over anyway. And yes, of course the funds will be deducted from your available balance if you have one.