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I have already uploaded a profile photo. How long will it take to be visible to freelancers (I am a

I have been trying for days to add a photo to my profile, but when I finally am able to have it uploaded to my profile, and I close my profile setting, it does not appear in my account. I urgently need to post a job, my business depends on it, but I dont want to post a job with an incomplete profile with no photo. Can someone please tell me how long it takes for your uploaded profile pic to become active and visible to on Upwork?

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I can see your profile picture just fine. There is probably just an issue with your browser or something that is making it slow to update. If you saved the changes then chances are your picture is there and clients can see it, since we can see it here.


Hi Jordi,


Could you please try to use a different browser or clear your cache and cookies? If you are still not seeing your profile picture, please let us know. Thank you!



~ Joanne
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