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I have applied for a lot of work, but no response


Hello everyone,


Warm Greeting!!

I am SEO specialist. this marketplace I am very new as a freelancer.   but for many days I have done work my local personal client. 

Please, anyone suggest me, as a beginner this marketplace, how to get the job easily.

Ace Contributor

Hi Omor, 


Your profile isn't public - if you make it public, you'll be able to get more clients to be attracted to you. Also, it says you just registered one hour ago?

Community Guru

Hi Omor F,


Welcome to Upwork! You may now set your profile to public by going to Settings > Profile Settings. Here are some of the pointers that we recommend as part of any successful application process:


-Apply only to those job postings for which you are truly qualified and feel confident you can complete successfully.

-Submit a cover letter customized to address the specific requests and needs of the job posting.

-Submit an accurate application reflecting your understanding of the scope of the contract and the amount.

-Request clarifications of scope, deliverables and due dates from clients, as needed.

-Update the application's requested pay rate to reflect any changes prior to being hired.

-Inform the client of your availability and normal working hours, expected response times to communications and any planned or potential vacations, holidays or other known work outages.

-Respond promptly and professionally to messages from the client.

Also, a great profile shows potential clients your value as a freelancer. You want to encourage clients to invite you to apply to their job postings. This is your first chance to make an unforgettable first impression. Put some time and effort into creating a profile that separates you from the crowd!



- Aaron