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I have applied more than 40 job posts, but still no invites.

Hello, I have applied to more than 40 job posts since I joined, and still haven't even got a single invite from clients. I don't know if my profile is visible to clients or if they see my proposals. 


I even don't ask for more money in proposals, it's always lower than the clients' budget. As suggested by experienced freelancers, every time I write proposals on my own instead of copying but nothing happens. Currently, I'm feeling to quit Upwork. 


Any suggestions for me? Can anyone help to get my first job ? 

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           Yuor profile is private. I believe first you must make your profile public to increase your visibility. Moreover, you need to do various analytics on your proposal submitted before you narrow down on the issue. Can you provide me details as what are strategies you follow while deciding to submit the proposal for the job.

I understand you do custom proposal and put across your unique propositions, however it seems they are not working in your favour. So you might also want to look at the your stats readily available in MyStats - submitted / Viewed / Hired.

In my perosnal opinionm if you are not getting views or views are not around minimum 25% in current market scenario than you might have relook at your proposal strategy.  

You might also want to look at skills for which you are submitting your proposal. Are those skills included in your profile and do you have simlar project sample demoed in portfolio section. I believe these are some starter strategy and there can be many more which you think might be applicable to your profile..

Hi Sajal,

I Try to make my profile public but it's not working for me (Check the Screenshot).  

I only apply for those jobs which are suitable for my skill set & those skills are in my profile as well.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

Hi Mandeep,


Thank you for your message. I am pleased to inform you that your profile has been reset and the visibility is set to Public now.


Thank you,


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That's not very many. 


It took me 36 proposals to get my first Upwork gig, and I came in with more than 25 year of professional experience and a graduate degree in my niche. And, that was a less competitive time.

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What was your experience like after hitting your first gig at 36 proposals? Today is my first day, I am talented in my field and was wondering what to possibly expect from Upwork.

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I have not gotten a job in 2 months of continuously sending proposals in the hope that I might get the job. Even so, there are very few jobs for writers.

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Upwork is overrun with freelancers, many of whom are willing to work for almost free just to get a foot in the door. If you want to be a freelancer, you're going to have to hustle. Put up a profile on every freelancing website possible, use all forms of social media, cold contact potential clients, and ask everyone you know for referrals. The days of being able to rely on Upwork to make a living are over for the majority of freelancers here.

You are absolutely right, Christine. 


Javed Aslam
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